April 7: Meet with friends

Today's afternoon is the very moment I have long been cherished. At 1:15 pm, Mr. Steven Penny appeared in the lobby of the hotel. It was five years ago when he first accessed to my homepage by asking the record of Beppu-Oita Marathon race. Since then, we have been exchanging E-mails talking about families, flowers, and cookies.
His office is a building near from the hotel. It is very kind of you to come all this way to see us, thank you.

He kindly guided us to Fitzroy Garden near the hotel. This is "Fairy Tree" on which a lot of lovely fairy images are carved. We took afternoon break at the restaurant in the park. He invited us to his home the day after tomorrow. He is busy; he soon went back to the office.

We took the lunch at the restaurant without hurry. On my way back to the hotel, I visited Saint Patrick's Cathedral. In 1850, Melbourne's first Catholic Bishop James Goold laid the foundation stone of the first church. The design was by William Wilkinson Wardel. The bluestone Cathedral, with its high rising spears, finally completed in March 1997.
The visitors cross themselves and pray to God quietly. I put lit a candle and prayed for the safety of the travel.
On the South Transept is a magnificent pipe organ. What sounds come from it? I wish I could listen to it.
The Great Western Window was very beautiful as well.
Just across the street was an old Protestant church.

When I returned back to the hotel, I came across a white large limousine, to which a lovely bride was just getting on.
After a while, I met with an E-mail friend who lives in Melbourne with her husband, a representative of a Japanese firm. She came all the way to the hotel with her lovely ten-month baby and a five-year old girl. I talked much with her about the life in Melbourne. She is a member of Group of Friends Iwakuni Branch. We promised to exchange E-mail from now on.
I was very delighted to have met E-mail friends today.

We took dinner at an Italian restaurant called Spaghetti Tree. The restaurant was crowded with many guests enjoying tasty food and lives music of piano and violin. Today is Friday, I felt funny to know that a word "Happy Friday Evening" is valid here in Melbourne as well.