April 7: A balloon awoke me
In the first morning in Melbourne, I opened the curtain and was surprised to find three hot balloons in the sky. People may enjoy morning flying over the City. I wonder how the town is viewed from above.

I don't get on a balloon; this is a view from the room on the 18th floor instead. A white beautiful building under is State Government House. Beyond the thick forest are many tennis courts in which Device Cup tournament is to be held. On the left is Melbourne Olympic Stadium.
We take breakfast in the Hyatt Lounge on the 19th floor. We enjoyed a wonderful morning by sitting the table at the window. We can start a nice day today.

But a news article astonished me: Mr. Obuchi, the prime minister of Japan, suddenly fell down.
Coffee or tea is served, but I can take any favorite food from the buffet.

Of so many kinds of bread, I prefer whole-grain bread browned by a toaster and topped with butter and various kinds of jam or cheese.

There are much fruit at the buffet such as orange, melon, pineapple, and other new fruit. I also enjoyed three kinds of yogurt.
ƒƒ‹The center of Melbourne is called City crisscrossed with streets, easy to understand the whereabouts. The tram, or City Circle, goes around the outer edge of the City. The reddish-brown City Circle Tram is free to ride and is very convenient to look through the City.

I climbed Rialto Towers Observation Deck that views all the directions of the City. Beautiful weather smiled at me by showing grand vista from the Deck. The Yarra River flows through the City on the left and South Melbourne on the right. A window-cleaning gondola came down outside of the window and two guys on it hailed me.

Flinders Street Station is a gateway to South Melbourne, featuring its magnificent Victorian style building. The Station is the key of Melbourne. White tower at the left of the left picture is the symbol mark of Melbourne Concert Hall. The design of the tower is based on the motif of a ballerina's costume.
Melbourne is called "Garden City" because of its abundance of wonderful green gardens: this is one of them, Fitzroy Gardens near our hotel. The huge trees contrast well with modern skyscrapers.

The word big tree means huge trunk like this. Even the size of pine corn or acorn is larger than those of Japan. A beautiful redbrick house was revealed to be a public toilet. There are some toilets here and there in the park.
Passing through the park, I came up to a marvelous building with a golden heraldic emblem. This is the State Government Office.

Melbourne City is really beautiful; I need much more time to walk around.