April 6: From Sydney to Melbourne
The day has come at last to say good-bye to Sydney. After taking a late breakfast in the hotel, we walked out again to see so many spots to be visited.

Sydney is under construction here and there because of an Olympic Game to be held after a half year. Old buildings and new skyscrapers make a marvelous contrast.

This old building stands in the same streets as our hotel. The building, the first permanent construction, was built in 1789 as the residential house of the Governor. A large anchor was displayed in a park, commemorating a wool trader named Thomas.
I hate to say good-bye to Sydney, but I checked-out the hotel and arrived Sydney airport. This time, QANTAS domestic line will carry us to the next destination Melbourne.
A replica of the early days aircraft is displayed in front of QANTAS (Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service) lounge. The craft is made of wood with just two seats, one for pilot, and another for only one passenger. If I can maneuver such a simple craft, I would feel just as if I had become a pilot, but it would be terrible as well.
One and a half hour flight takes me to Melbourne. The lunch of bread with cheese and vegetables was tasty.
After taking off from Sydney covered with thick green forest, brown color becomes prevailing the landscape.

In the green mountain, smokes are rising here and there. They are bush fires. I saw four or five plumes at a time.
Just before the landing, I could see many sheep, cattle, and horses in the pastures that stretch as far as my eye can reach.

We soon jumped on a shuttle bus. I am not sure why I felt relieved to see skyscrapers in the distance.
The City is vigorous and crowded with trams, buses, cars, and young people. High buildings are here and there matching well with old Victorian buildings. The City looks like attractive place for me.

I will stay here for five days from today.