April 6: Melbourne
The hotel in Melbourne for next five days is Park Hyatt Melbourne. The luxurious hotel is located in a thick green forest.

I tried to spot the exact location of the hotel when I made booking through the net, but I couldn't. I was nervous a little. Yes, the hotel was newly opened last May.
In strong contrast to the classic hotel in Sydney, the Hyatt is a glittering and luxurious hotel.
The entrance hall built in wellhole style shines in shell-white decorated with oval ceiling and ornaments of Mourn Glass here and there.

We were guided to a room on the 18th floor. The bathroom was made from white marble and green glass, giving a fancy image. The room is spacious and clean.

As the hotel is new, not yet one year-old, data terminal is ready for use. My husband soon set up a PC corner. Unfortunately, however, the connection didn't work well. But I decided to continue to create my homepage using this wonderful corner.
After putting in order the contents of the suitcases, we started to explore the hotel. The entrance hall built in wellhole style features its beautiful stairs down to the basement.
Just across the street is St. Patrick Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Turning the corner of the church, beautiful roadside trees of sycamore welcomed me with their leaves turning yellow a little. The building and the trees match quite well. But I could no longer stand the coolness.

I finally pulled out my overcoat I brought for emergency use; I was relieved and could walk streets with warmth. Evening twilight quickly faded away in autumn of Melbourne, giving way to the beautiful light up of the street.
We enjoyed a dinner in a nice Italian restaurant.

On our way back to the hotel, we passed by Old Treasury Building. The building is said to be one of the most beautiful architecture dotted in the city of Melbourne. The street lightning is also very impressive.

The first day in Melbourne was over like this.