Aapril 5: Around the city
Today, we explored the city by explorer bus in red color. One-day ticket takes us everywhere we want all day long.

We first dropped off at Contemporary Art Museum.

What I first wanted to see was arts by Aboriginal people. When I was wondering around the hall with a brochure hand, a staff came up to me and asked, "Can you understand English?" Then he taught me an art not to be missed: The Bats, on the right picture. There are 99 bats each of them in different shape. Painting tools of Aborigine are displayed like those on the left picture.
We jumped on another red bus. The bus took us to north Sydney through the tunnel and returned to the city via the Bridge we climbed yesterday.
We came up to the business center in which Queen Victoria still watches the city from above. The Victorian style magnificent building on the back is now turned to a shopping center.
An amateur band of a high school played not-so-beautiful-music on the stage provided at the corner of the square. Many tourists and local residents looked like enjoying the performance.
In the square is a broad cafeterrace on which people take lunch here and there. We also bought simple lunches at the shop and took them on a table.
When I cross a road, I put this arrow to change the signal green. When one is in hurry, however, one can cross a road on his or her own responsibility.

We came up to Darling Harbor in which National Marine Museum, a sailing boat, and a destroyer is open to public.

Darling Harbor was once thrived by exporting business of wool, but later become desolate as times went on. The area was reborn to a new town in commemoration of a bicentennial anniversary project. We enjoyed the harbor from the monorail that goes around the district by just three dollars fare.
We took a ferryboat from Darling Harbor to Circular Quay, just five minutes sailing. It was short but enjoyed the atmosphere of the harbor.
We then joined a guided tour to the Opera House together with some a dozen visitors.

In the main hall, an orchestra rehearsal was being held and we could see it from the seat. In Ballet Theater, we could see another rehearsal of "Nutcracker" as well. I wished to remain the seat to see actual performances.

I enjoyed a beautiful sunset through the glass window of the Opera House. The evening air was so cool and nice for me. This is the last night here in beautiful Sydney. I am reluctant to leave the wonderful city by tonight.

Finally, we summed up Sydney by a dinner in the hotel. We enjoyed wonderful dinner suggested by the chef together with tasty wine. After the dinner, we visited a bar in the basement and enjoyed chatting. We have had a really nice day today.