April 4: Olympic tour

We joined today a guided tour of Sydney Olympic Site. We were picked up from Circular Quay and changed the bus at the bus terminal in Darling Harbor. After all the passengers seated, the bus crossed the Harbor Bridge to north Sydney and headed to the site.
The bus passed residential areas and continued to run as much as 30 minutes and finally arrived at the Olympic Park gate.

A guide map shows the whole site. Our bus entered from the bottom and heads to the Aquatic Center on the left.
Many trees are planted on both sides of the wide street provided with spacious sidewalk. On the right is the entrance of the Aquatic Center.
On the entrance walls are the medals of the successive Olympic winners.
The view from the spectator seats. The Center is crowded with many swimmers, bathers, and visitors.
This is an electronic scoreboard that will display the records in the competition. The Center is open to public in this time and anybody can swim or bathe in the pools.

The water depth of the pool is 2 meters in the middle part and 3 meters on both ends. The water temperature is controlled to 23 degrees Celsius. We were explained on the poolside. The water level is the same as the edge of the pool tile. On the back of the main pool is a diving pool. Many swimmer-like people are training in the pool. Some judges are on the poolside and checking the training by making loud voice or announcing the point. It looked like an actual game, indeed.
This is the press box. I realize this is the actual site of the Olympic Game. I can't believe myself that I am now on the very site.
On the opposite side of the main pool is a training pool of 25 meters long. On the right of it is a playing pool for kids equipped with a water slide. Many lovely children were playing in the pool carefully watched by the schoolteachers.
By looking through the backstage, I found a series of VIP rooms with successive winners' metal plates. I remember very well the biggest impact of Konrads.
Segregated disposal boxes are here and there in the right position.

After visiting the Aquatic Center, we looked through the park by bus. The athlete village has already constructed like this. Much housing is for sale as well.
A large railroad station is already in service.
We finally visited the main athletics stadium. The huge stadium is almost completed.
This@is the ornament above the entrance of the main stadium. The design is of large colorful feathers on the metallic net.

We went down to the track. The guide explained that the rubber floor is specially designed for good record. In the front of the stadium is the Olympic flame under construction. The design is "secret", the guide smiled.
I was really impressed by standing on just next to the actual track. What wonderful world record will be born from here, I am expecting very much to the Olympic Game in September?
We visited then to the top level of the stadium. Far down is the track. The white victory stand is set on the black platform. Another visitors group suddenly climbed on the platform, and the Australian national anthem was aired, everybody was delighted and hailed.

Emergency slope exits are provided on the four corner of the stadium. Through the VIP gate, we were guided to warm-up rooms, drug checkrooms, and doctor rooms. The seats were provided on the side for checking. My heart beat quickly at the sight.

The cute guide said many times "See you again in September here." I hope so but it would be difficult. I will watch the TV by repeatedly recalling this site.