April 2: The Royal Botanical Garden
Going around the top corner of the House, I entered the Garden. Former Royal Garden Palace was destroyed by fire and only the Garden was refurbished and opened to public. There are many interesting trees that remind me of a tropical jungle.
Huge roots stretch on the ground.
This unusual tree grows roots from the branches down to the ground.
Strange birds are everywhere; the bird ignores me and is busy in picking up grass seeds.
The aroma of the herb garden lures me. There are so many kinds of herbs growing healthy in the Garden. I sit on a bench and breathe the fragrance of the herb that makes me pleasant by the aromatherapy effect.
Many bags are hanging down from the tree: yes, they are bats called "Gray headed bat" making high-pitched chirping on the tree or in the air. I was very surprised to see them.

The parrot is also new to me with white body and yellow beak. They are playing on the shoulder of a tourist from Japan. She said she was happy to find that the birds were so friendly. I tried as well to make the bird alight on my shoulder but failed. The parrot picked feed from my hand, however, it was really lovely.
This is near entrance of the Garden. There used to be the Palace Building. The Royal Garden is made on the first farming field in Sydney.
Many staffs work to maintain the garden everyday. Here and there are trash boxes like this that keeps the Garden clean. The Garden is open to public by free, how wonderful it is!
A snap shot with the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge across the water.
A garden map shows the Opera House on the left top and green area of the Garden. Our hotel is located on the down left edge on the map.