April 2: The Opera House
Speaking of Sydney, it means The Opera House. The House is in a walk distant from The Ritz Carton Sydney in which we stay. Just after we put our belongings in position of the room, we walked down to the House.

The Opera House is generally described as "joining shells." A close look gives me a strong impression; the building features its beautiful shape from any direction.
I approached the white roof. The roofs look like white in color from afar, but they are actually consisted of pale pink tiles and white tiles, making a beautiful geometric pattern.
I entered the House. The interior features its beautiful curves of glass and wood.
Guided tour is also very popular, and there are many programs every day. We would like to join any of them during our stay in the city.

In a shopping store in the House, I bought some post cards and a set of T-shits for my son and his wife.

Today, we have cool occasional rains that remind me of autumn in Sydney. At the same time, however, I feel confusing whether it is actually cool autumn or warm season when I witnessed a blossom of Strechiaストレリチア. Making a wonderful contrast with the Opera House, a huge elegant shaped iron bridge called Harbor Bridge spans the river.
Around the Opera House are so many nice cafeterias on the wharf. We ran into a nearby coffee shop to shelter from the rain and for taking a late lunch.
It was not doves but seagulls that flocked around me for picking the crumbs off my hands.
We then turn around to a nearby botanical garden from which we enjoyed another view of the House from a different angle.

The tall tree is a eucalyptus, food of koala. The beautiful city with abundant greens and parks soon fascinated me. I feel very happy when I think I can stay as many as four days in this beautiful city.