April2: The hotel life in Sydney
A 30-minutes drive from airport took us to The Ritz Carlton Sydney in Circular Quay. The hotel is small, but the highest-class hotel in the city.

Despite our early check-in, we were guided to a room. In the afternoon, we asked to change a room to the ninth floor that can enjoy wonderful view of the Quay from the terrace.

I soon checked around the room: the large dressing room is made of wonderful white marble. On the right is a bathtub and on the left is a shower room and toilet room. I found a unique outlet with three holes. Just below it is a familiar two-hole outlet for 110V output.
The firm wonderful bed is neatly made-up like this.

My husband soon started to prepare for Internet connection. He checked the phone line with a modem checker carefully, then connected the phone line to the note PC. The floor was soon covered with wiring.
We enjoyed a high tea as well. On the corner of the lobby is a wonderful flower arrangement.

We enjoyed the tea at the bar dimly illuminated by orange light of the heart-warming lamps. A live piano performs good music; the player saw me and recognized as Japanese. He soon played "The Moon on the Ruin" and "Sukiyaki Song" strictly for me. Looking through the massive window, I can see a beautiful scene of the town drizzly street covered with yellow leaves occasionally falling from the large sycamores.

On the center table of the bar are so many kinds of beautiful cakes and canapes. They are so cute and lovely to eat, I was really confused with delight.

Warm kirsch and scone are served as well. I took both of them. Tapioca jelly, apricot canape, sparkling wine, and milk tea, all of them were great.
The waiter elegantly talks to me occasionally without disrupting my rich time. The pianist was also very delighted to hear that we were by chance from Oita, a city deeply related to Rentaro Taki- the composer of "The moon on the ruin." We requested to play "Waltzing Matilda, the most popular song in Australia.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner tonight. As the atmosphere didn't allow to carry in a camera, it is pity for me not to show ant picture of the dinner.

The first day in Australia passed in this way.

The beautiful sunset promises a wonderful day tomorrow.