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November 30, 2000: New shopping mall Wasada Town opens
Wasada Town, a shopping mall first planned in 1996 as a new core of Oita City, opens on December 2, 2000.

Today, the mall is pre-open to the residents in Wasada district. In the evening, we drove out there together with my friend.
Just ten-minute drive from home route 210 takes us straight down to the Town.

The Town is located along White Road, or route 210. I have long been waiting the completion of the mall. The construction started in February. This is a snap shot taken on October 7.
Every time I pass the road, I was expecting what kind of wonderful shops would open.
I have to remember the sign of parking section so as not to get lost. The parking capacity is 3,200 including roof top lots, they say.

The main hall is a huge Christmas tree filling the building with the atmosphere.
A famous restaurant "Tsukiji Gintako" is heavily crowded with families.
Uniqlo, ready-to-wear apparel, appeals to young customers with its abundant beautiful colored clothing.
Passing through the Second Street section of Wasada Tokiwa mall, we came up to a festival square that accommodates 1,000 audience.
This is another festival town of CineFlex. The town will open on December 9, featuring 11 multi screens, 2,022 seats, and digital sound systems.
In the Forth Street are large-sized specialty stores such as Sports Depo and Home Wide. I enjoyed the first purchase here.
We had our first commemorative dinner in the complex here, at an Italian Garlic restaurant.
A waiter recommended large pizza and crispy salad of Japanese white radish. My friend and my husband toast, but I don't because I must drive back home.
The waiter looks like pleasant having a Santa cap on. The pizza was tasty, thank you.
Starbuck Coffee shop came to Oita at last, I have long been waiting for it. Today, the shop closed earlier.

When they run the shop in full-scale, it opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m.
New bus services started as well. The route connects the mall with many spots in Oita city. The full-scale running will start on December 2 using special Wasada-colored bus.

Many people were waiting for buses at the stop in front of Festa square.
The mall closed at 6:30 p.m., because today was special opening for the local residents. I saw only a small part of the mall. I will come here again for shopping or watching movies the other day.

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