October 19, 2000: Today's lunch

What shall we take for lunch today? No option. Well let's clean the refrigerator.

We picked out a box of Lasagne sleeping deep in the pantry.

Chopped onion, ground meat, and fresh Shiitake mushroom - a special product of Oita - are fried well in a shallow pan patiently.

By spraying flour, adding milk and tomato sauce, I got tasty-looking meat sauce.

Piling up well boiled sheets of Lasagne and melt-type cheese alternately,

I got a mass of the dough with abundant topping of the powder cheese.

Wait for 15 minutes in front of the oven.

Here comes the product with mouth-watering brown color.

Well, it is acceptable.

Available materials turned to wonderful dishes for lunch together with our favorite American coffee!  by Mie

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