October 1, 2000: Let's resume a tennis club
About five years ago, some of the PC communication members started a tennis lovers' club called La Palm (the palm.) The club, however, has been sleeping for a long time. Recently, we feel we have to do something to strengthen ourselves mentally and physically in a comfortable season. Today, I visited Maizuru Tennis Court in the evening after a long time.

The baseball field is crowded with night game people.
I hear beautiful plunking sounds from the tennis court. The parking lot is filled with the cars. I see many people enjoy sporting in the cool evening.
The old members of La Palm gathered pleasantly.
Miss Korenaga who said it first is already drenched in sweat. She is young and energetic.

Always cheering Mr. and Mrs. Shibata.

Mr. Shibata plays every kinds of sports, Mrs. Shibata plays in a beautiful form.
My husband Ken had been, I remember, set up as the chairman of the tennis club because he was oldest in the club.
We have had a comfortable sweat in an hour.

After cleaning up the court without fail, we said good-bye. When shall we get together next time?