September 25, 2000: Carpet exhibition
An invitation card of carpet exhibition arrived from Taiyou Furniture in Oita City. I was glad to get it and visited the shop. Mr. Takeo welcomed me.
Usually, a lot of furniture is displayed in this hall. Today it is turned to a special display space of carpet.
I was first served with a Chinese snack called Yam-cha. Mr. Takeo told me many stories on carpet. Today, the carpets from China, Iran, and Turkey are displayed, he explained.

All of them come from arid countries. Mr. Takeo's dream is to visit Mongolia, one of the production sites.
Some of the designs are sent from Japan to China. This is a sample of silk carpet produced in China in that way. The design is simple and its modern color matches very well to nature. This is an indigo-dyed wool carpet. They say that wool is a hard material for dyeing. This sample is excellent, however.
The natural color of sheepskin is a mixture of various colors. They are sorted with unbelievable patience by hand and woven into texture
Here is a sample of it. The natural color of the original wool is quiet but is beautifully woven up. It looks very warm.
Here are silk carpets. Their touch and gloss are beyond my expression.
Persian carpets boast their beautiful red colors. On the right is a Casher carpet.

Each Persian carpet has it original color usage and weaving pattern depending on each production site.
This Tabliese Persian carpet has a quiet color and unusual arabesque pattern design.
They are Persian carpets woven by nomad tribes.

They look very simple and all the more modern.
In the last corner of the hall are Turkish carpets. They have long been nurtured by Turkish Royal Families. They are really sensitive shining in various colors by reflecting the light. This is because their texture is so finely woven, they say.

Carpets are not only utility goods but also works of art. I felt that they are wonderful treasures containing the souls of the tribes.

I was really happy to have such a good chance.
reference: I visited a carpet show last year as well. Click here for the record.