July 19, 2000: Setting up the Exhibition
We have been working hard past two months for "Life Exhibition" preparation. The Exhibition will be open tomorrow at last.

Today, we will drop in to Oita Group of Friends' house in the morning for last checking and will move to the site in the afternoon.

Ms. Goto do the final touch on the panels. She painted many panels with Chinese ink together with Ms. Nyuu.
According to the checklist, all the items including the panels sent from Kyushu Branch are loaded on a van.
After lunch, we headed to the site.
Ms. Araki cuts down the apple mint growing around the house. She will arrange them at the site with a large basket brought by Ms. Ono. The white flower is in full bloom releasing fine aroma.
The site is located on the 7th floor of Rainbow Building in front of Oita railroad station. Mr. Etoh, maintenance manager, explained in detail how to use the lightning and air conditioner.

The empty hall will soon be filled with materials.
ISDN line is set up by NTT. The line is taken out from a pillar in the hall. The wiring was over in a short time.
  Tables and panels are set first.
Diagrams and tables are set on the panel. We tried many times to get the best arrangement of the panels.
Brochures and questionnaires format have just arrived directly from a printing company. Ms. Aramaki (left) will be a receptionist today. Ms. Takahashi, the leader of actual arrangement, helps her.
In the hall, Ms. Shiotsuki (left) and Ms. Harada set up the sales stand. Many goods will be on sale in the Life Exhibition.
At a corner of the hall, Ms. Anan (left), the leader of children booth, and Ms. Matoba, the general leader of Oita Branch, make something up using large corrugated cartons.
Children will write down the answer to the questionnaires on seals and affix them on the carton board. What pleasant it will be?
Ms. Takahashi proposed a pause. All the workers enjoyed cool drinks and refreshments.
Miss Korenaga from COARA Co., Ltd. showed up. Thanks to COARA, a personal computer is set up in the hall. I hope many people will visit our web site and related sites such as National Group of Friends through the Internet.
After five p.m., the setting was over anyway.

We hope many visitors will come and join us tomorrow and the next day.


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