March 23: Making a tapestry,@@@by Mie

Just one step out to Oita riverbank, from our "Group of Friends Oita Branch" house, gives us such a wonderful view (taken on February 10.) In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Nation-wide Group of Friends, we wanted to make something to cerebrate it. The answer is a tapestry.

The beautiful scenery of "Oita River and Mt. Ryouzen" was selected as the motive after repeated discussions. On February 16, Mrs. Anan and I made a life-size draft based upon a picture taken by my digital camera.

I colored the draft using color pencils.
Here in our Oita Branch, we will open a 70th anniversary event to appeal to the public what we are studying in daily activities. The tapestry will be displayed on the site. I colored the draft a little bit brighter than the original picture.
We had a regular meeting of "Senior Group Members" today. We brought in many pieces of cloth to be used in making the tapestry. Waste pieces from cutting cloth of our handmade apron or other items were gathered.
We shape up our images how to materialize the tapestry based upon the design draft by checking the waste pieces. The cloth pieces will be first made into 3 centimeter square sheets, then sewed up into a tapestry according to patchwork way.

Selected cloth pieces are cut into shapes.
The lunch tome has come. We decided to give a break to our brains by sharing brought-in feasts.

I prepared "Spring sushi roll" with one of the members. Others cooked so wonderful dishes like dressed vegetables of green spinach with white soybean paste, and vinegared mustard leaves, sauteed chicken with carrot, grilled sardine assorted with hot cod roe, boiled beans. The desserts were soft round rice cake stuffed with strawberry jam, a bun with buckwheat-jam filling, and cherry rice-cake sweets.

We took too much, from all the stand points of view, indeed.

Well, we are fully fed. We challenged the task again. We put cut cloths on the design sheet.

At first, we couldn't find any light ahead, but something will come out in drawing a picture using pieces of cloth.
"Well, call it a day" Mrs. Itonaga and Mrs. Iwahashi attach pieces of cloth on the design sheet. Today's homework is to prepare much more pieces of cloths.

Next time, we will put cloth pieces again on the design sheet and take part in sewing cloths to make the building blocks of the tapestry.


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