February 25: Welcome a friend from New York,   by Mie
I welcomed a visitor, Mr. Tsukamoto, from New York. He is a member of our COARA and visited Oita all the way to join a regular party of COARA. As he has been expecting to meet many friends here in Oita, we first dropped in Mr. Mori who runs a futon shop in Cent Porta shopping arcade. His shop has more than 100 years history. Recently, many foreign customers are interested in special pillow called "buckwheat hull pillow" that features sound sleep.
We came up to a restaurant called "Duck terraced house" in which the party is to be held. We arranged the room together.
Mr. Fujino (left) of "Personal computer corner" (left) has already connected his machine to the web. My husband asks something to him.
Ladies of COARA.
Left picture: Mr. Seki (left) and Mr. Tsukamoto. Right picture: Mr. Shigeno (left) and Mr. Tsukamoto. They first saw Mr. Tsukamoto by face-to-face, but they are very good friends through the web and the conversation grew lively quickly.
Mr. Mori emcees the party.
Mr. Inoue from Usuki city takes many pictures to make a pleasant home page as usual.
Mr. Ono, General secretary of COARA, makes a few words welcoming participants from afar; one is Mr. Shimizu from Kobe city another is Mr. Tsukamoto from New York.
Mr. Tsukamoto introduced his impressions on Oita, saying, "The scenery of Oita eases me because it resembles my dear old memories with beautiful hills and rivers. Also I can enjoy many tasty local dishes cultivated in a long history of the countryside. Oita is a good place for me."

He also covered some topics of New York, including recent movement of the First Lady Hillary who recently moved to New York to appeal the public in the presidential election.
Tasty dishes soon become empty.
Talking circles are increasing here and there; Mr. Ono is happy surrounded with young ladies.
A pretty lady, Miss Sato from Oita University, told me that she started the Internet by hearing my lecture I made before at Oita University Information Center. I was very delighted to hear it.

An we-were-there picture taken by Mr. Inoue.
Mr. Tsukamoto enjoyed chatting and become familiar with many friends. The pleasant time has passed so quickly.

After leaving the party site, we walked down to Cent Porta shopping covered with an arcade on which a car dropped down from an adjacent parking building a few days ago.

Welcome Mr. Tsukamoto to my home. We will have a pleasant couple of days this time.

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