January 17, 2000: harvesting broccoli,  by Mie

I brought back a seedling of broccoli late last September from Kagoshima and planted it in my kitchen garden. It has grown up healthy and I picked it up today.
It is said that broccoli originates in Italy as a kind of cabbage and loved so much by Romans. It is an archetype of cauliflower as well. A menu in a dining car of Trans-European railway triggered broccoli to spread quickly all around Europe through mouth-to-mouth advertising.

I got such a big broccoli. There are some baby broccolis left on the stalk that may enjoy me for a while.
We can enjoy abundant tasteful broccoli this evening. I washed it and cut into pieces and boiled them.
Here, eye-refreshing green broccoli is ready for serve. I realized how tasteful fresh vegetable was! Broccoli has more: it contains plenty of vitamins like A, B2, C, and widely noticed E together with abundant calcium. Broccoli is a recommended vegetable to take in a cold season like now.

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