We have had a heavy rain but I went down to the rice paddy in the afternoon at the interval of the rain fall.

June 2nd(rain)

What was the strange black sheet I saw on the 13th?
Today, I got a proof from the farmers.

Proof 1.my friend(a farm family involved in another business)

Until yesterday, the whole family prepared for the arrangement of our rice nursery.
1. Prepare the soil.
2. Put the soil into the pads, water slightly, and set them on the rice paddy.
3. Scatter the seed rice evenly on them using machine.(They keep a good machine.)
4. Cover the seed with additional soil.
5. Put some waste newspapers on it to protect the seeds from the wind.
You can see this cover on last week's picture.

A rice planting machine automatically takes the seedlings with root one by one into the guide and put them into the soil of the watered paddy.
You may feel some difficulties to understand, but please imagine a pack of white radish sprout sold at a supermarket, they said.
I will take pictures of the site again.


Can you identify the tiny green shoots coming up from the soil?

The other day the sun shield was flat on the soil, but today it was swelled up with all its might.

Proof 2. by the female farmer who was checking the rice paddy.

"The seedlings have grown so tall, they need to be exposed to the sun now.
Unfortunately it is rains today but we have to give them sunshine otherwise they will become weak seedlings.
We will plant them when they grow up to 20 centimeters, probably around on the 20th.

This is also a rice nursery, I quietly looked inside it.
Behind it is another one covered with sun shield. Far beyond is a wheat field.

A wheat field after the harvest.


The birth of cattail ears

Can you see them? Although I couldn't see them at all yesterday, they had come out today! A Japanese fairly tale, "A white rabbit of Inaba", speaks of the ears.


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