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For RESERVATION , please e-mail or call/fax +81-(0)977-66-0440.

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Welcome to the YOKOSO Ryokan's Official Website

Inexpensive, traditional Ryokan (Japanese-style Inn) in Beppu-
Kannawa Onsen (hot springs) of Kyushu, Japan

YOKOSO: @Lonely Planet Japan; @REISE Know-How Japan; @Frommer's Japan @"Sacred Waters"

Rooms of YOKOSO Hot Springs Baths of YOKOSO

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Address of YOKOSO: Kannawa Ida 3-kumi, Beppu-shi
Oita-ken JAPAN (zip 874-0043)
(TEL/FAX: +81-(0)977-66-0440)
E-mail address:

  • Australia: Lonely Planet Japan

    "Yokoso (per person 3300-3800 yen) This creaky 27-room inn has been in business since 1944, and feels like it hasn't been much updated since (three storeys with no elevator, surcharges for air-con and TV, and one pokey internet terminal?). Still, a stay here can be delightfully retro. Cook your meals over onsen steam and bathe in onsen baths. It's near the hells of Kannawa, away from the main action, with an 11pm curfew."

  • Germany: REISE Know-How Japan

    "YOKOSO Ryokan , 27 Zimmer. Sehr preiswertes Ryokan, ursprunglich ein Jigoku, spater wurde das Ryokan um die heisse Quelle errichtet. Das YOKOSO ist Unterkunft und Kurort zugleich: Dampf-Onsen und Freiluft-Onsen sind im Preis der Ubernachtung inbegriffen. Gemeinschaftskuche im Freien, hier kann mit Onsen-Dampf gekocht werden. Das english sprechende Besitzerpaar ist sehr hilfsbereit und weist gerne in die authentische Onsen-Welt ein. Internet 100 Yen fur 30 Minuten. Mit dem Oita Kotsu-Bus Nr60 order 61 ab JR Beppu bis zur Endstation Kannawa und die kleine Strasse rund 150 Meter bergauf."

  • USA: Frommer's Japan

    "YOKOSO Housed in a beige-colored, two-story building on Ideyuzaka, the main road between the group of Hells, YOKOSO offers what are probably the cheapest rooms in all of Beppu. Run by English-speaking, third-generation innkeepers, it has clean Japanese-style rooms equipped with only the basics. Air-conditioning in summer is coin operated, but steam heating is free. No meals are served, but a communal open-air kitchen is available for do-it-yourselfers, complete with a hot-springs-powered oven and suggestions for how long to cook food in bamboo steamers (20 min. for potatoes; there's a grocery store across the street). Four public baths boast water from hot springs. In an annex are 7 more rooms, a rotenburo (outdoor bath; you can wear your swimming suit here), and a carp pond in a garden. It also has one of the most interesting saunas I've ever seen, so tiny you have to crawl inside; heated naturally with hot springs, it even has a grass floor, as in the days of yore. Note that there's an 11pm curfew here."


    "Yokoso ryokan (Kannawa Onsen, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture). A pleasant budget-grade youth hostel with an onsen kitchen that guests are welcome to use."

  • NHK BS-Hi: Japan in the Steam

    In the TV programme of NHK BS-Hivision, "Japan in the Steam", YOKOSO Ryokan was introduced among others concerning Kannawa hot springs area, and its English version of "Inspirational Hot Springs" is now available as follows:

  • NHK WORLD: "BEPPU: Oita-Pref."

    YOKOSO's steam-powered ovens were also introduced in this TV programme.

  • France 5: Carnets du Japon

    TV programme of France 5, "Carnets du Japon", introduced various areas of Japan, including Beppu in a series in July and August 2005. In particular, Beppu, including YOKOSO's steam-powered ovens, was shown in its TV programme of 21st August.

  • Introduction of YOKOSO Ryokan by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University to their Students (Excerpts)

  • Although in Japanese, YOKOSO was introduecd in some books, magazines and newspapers such as follows:

    "Tabirie Yufuin, Beppu & Kurokawa Onsen"/ "Mapple Oita/Beppu/Yufuin"/ "Elle Japon"/ "Oita's Onsen"/ "Onsen Zukan"/ "Seikatsu HotMorning"/ "Touring Mapple 7 Kyushu-Okinawa"/ "Burari Yunomachi Kyushu"/ "Tabi no Techou""Tabi no Techou2"/ "Real Onsen in Kyushu 4: Mukashi nagara no Tojiyado"/ "Monthly Ho"/ "Taiken no Tabi"/ "Sansaku Zukan Beppu"/ "Nishinihon Newspaper"/ "CTB TV GUIDE".

  • YOKOSO has received these e-mails etc from foreign guests.

Please also note a MICHELIN-starred-facility in Kannawa hot springs.

"Some Suggestions for your Excursions around Kannawa Onsen"

"Guide for Taking Meals at Ordinary Restaurants in Kannawa Onsen"

"A Day's Trip to Mt. Aso by JR Train"

"Transfer Information for Visiting Hello Kitty's Harmonyland"

"Young-center (Theater of Japanese Popular Dramas)"near YOKOSO

Beppu Ropeway to the top of Mt. Tsurumi jpg.611K

Panoramic View from Kifune-jo Castle

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Drive Map to Beppu-Kannawa Hot Spring Area jpg.349K

Kannawa-Onsen Walking Map in Japanese pdf.1.6M

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Foot bath of "Jigokumushi-kobo", where free Wi-Fi is available, at 3-minute walk from YOKOSO ryokan