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  Here, there and evrywhere ... are the COARA members' INDEX. 
  These homepages are presented by each Internet user of COARA, and  each, "my.html" file
 is linked with the personal directory in "fat.coara".
(COARA Secretariat had prepared a sample file in advance as a template, so that each 
member can get this file using FTP, then make whatever changes s/he wants, put it back
 to the directory).
Of course, not all the members can create their own information, while there are still 
many rooms to be improved, such as how to know any data is being updated. 
 Anyway, let's JUST DO IT!!
After changing your my.html, please send email to : (Toshitaka Yosimoto), or 
to register your name to the INDEX. 
Again, let's JUST DO IT!!                   to japanese(日本語)pages

  1. 95-03-26 工藤 悌一 coa00953, Teiichi Kudou
  2. 95-03-24 岡本健司 coa02870, Kenji Okamoto
  3. 95-03-06 雪野佐喜子 coa01548, Sakiko Yukino
  4. 94-10-01 後藤明子 coa01129, Aki Gotou
  5. 95-01-27 西本彰文 coa02773 Akifumi Nishimoto
  6. 94-10-01 村上正人 coa01183, Masato Murakami
  7. 95-01-17 阿部洋樹 coa00571 Hiroki Abe
  8. 94-11-22 帆足慎二 coa00420, hoashi Shinji Hoasi
  9. 94-12-26 得丸英俊 coa02639, Hidetoshi Tokumaru
  10. 95-2-26 今岡 清 COA01345, Kiyoshi Imaoka
  11. 95-1-23 大分県立芸術文化短期大学、凍田研究室
  12. 94-11-03 久我祐三 coa02629, Yuzo Kuga
  13. 94-11-27 宮崎孝二 coa02712, Kouji Miyazaki
  14. 94-11-21 水口洋 coa02014, Hiroshi Minaguchi
  15. 95-2-3 漫画家「高橋もとこ」のホームページ
  16. 94-10-01 DATE OF BIRTH with COARA
  17. 94-11-17 友成美保 coa02515, Miho Tomonari
  18. 94-10-01 野田昇一 coa01120, Shouichi Noda noda
  19. 95-01-11 大石治生 coa02739 Haruo Ooishi
  20. 95-01-21 佐々木義朗 coa00285 Yoshiro Sasaki
  21. 94-11-23 山崎佐和子 coa01136, Sawako Yamasaki
  22. 95-01-25 川島剛央 coa02786 Takeo Kawashima
  23. 94-10-01 富成一郎 coa00798, tominari
  24. 94-10-01 テニスクリニック(ラポーム)
  25. 95-1-6 尾野 徹 coa00004, tooru + いそうろう安部純子さん
  26. 94-10-01 吉本匡孝 coa02599, Tadanori Yoshimoto
  27. 95-02-02 渡邊勇仁 coa02656, Yuji Watanabe
  28. 95-02-02 大分医大機器センターホームページ(暫定版)吉田 敏
  29. 94-12-06 阿部佳孝 coa02184, Yoshitaka Abe
  30. 95-1-27 ハイパー研ワークショップ
  31. 95-1-14 coara-wwwホームページ作成勉強会風景?結果?
  1. '94 Oita International wheelchair marathon 94/10/30 diary  (This annually event gives us excitement, freshness and lively motion. So wonderful event! )     Its list of record (rank, participants and time ) lined.
  2. '94 September 21 diary  (Oita's Water Front, outskirts of Beppu Bay.)
  3. '94 August 27 diary  (Meeting of WWW study. Members came to gather at Infomation Center.)
  4. '94 August 17 diary  (Beppu Bay Jazz Festival. The photographs and a cause of why we held this offline party.)
  5. '94 August 4 diary  (I walked around my hometown Iwata-machi. From Tooru Ono.)
  6. '94 July 26  diary  (The grounds of Jazz Festival, the residence of Prime Minister Murayama, YUHUIN and New COARA Office.)

Let's look at the world!  If you find the interesting places, write down into the electronic forum, "Travel Forum", in Personal computer correspondence New COARA. ●Ajia Kyusyu Exchange Summit Online reports of "Ajia Kyusyu Exchange Summit", October 21,1994. ●the pastCM, advertisement and PR corner.nowtoward Heart Avenue. If you want to access your "my.html" , try to put "/coara/Internet name/my.html" into "open URL" with MOSAIC or other viewer . For example, I can do "/coara/tooru/my.html"   The following persons are giving data consultation and working on execution. They have QuickTake and some other equipments.
Toshitaka Yoshimoto      Shinji Hoashi Kanti Syuto (tel0975-33-7870)
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