Curriculum Vitae
Governor Morihiko Hiramatsu
Oita Prefecture, Japan
October, 2000

Official Residence: 8-20, Niage-machi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture 870-0046, JAPAN
Office Address: Oita Prefectural Office, 3-1-1 Ohte-machi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture 870-8501 JAPAN
Office Telephone: 097-532-2851
Office Fax: 097-532-5650
Office web-site:
Date of Birth: 12 March 1924
Details of Education: Law Faculty, Tokyo University, March 1949
Hobbies: Reading, morning walks, golf
《Career to Date》  
1979-Present Governor of Oita Prefecture
1975-79 Vice Governor of Oita Prefecture
1974-75 Deputy Director General, Minister's Secretariat, National Land Agency
1973-74 Director, General Affairs Division, Basic Industries Bureau, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
1969-73 Director, Electronics Policy Division, Heavy Industries Bureau
1967-69 Director, Export Insurance Division, Trade Promotion Bureau
1965-67 Director, Petroleum Planning Division, Mines Bureau
1964-65 Director, Industrial Environmental Protection Division, Enterprises Bureau
1949-64 Worked at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
《Membership of Associations》
1998 Chair of the National Port Development & Promotion Council
1995 Chair of the National Expressway Construction Promotion Council
1993 Chair of the Large-scale Forestry Zone Development Confederation
1991 Chair of the Kyushu Governors' Association
《Honors and Awards》  
Sep. 27, 2002 Honorary Professor, Jiangxi Agricultural University (P.R. China)
Sep. 2002 International Senior Economic Consultant for the People's Government of Shaanxi Province (P.R. China)
Sep. 2002 Friendship Award (P.R. China)
Jun. 9, 2001 Commander of the Order of Prince Henry, the Navigator (Portugal)
May. 4, 2001 Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau (Royal Netherlands)
Sep. 28, 1999 Korean President's Award of Tourism Promotion Conference (South Korea)
Oct. 1, 1998 Professor Emeritus, Gansu College of Agriculture (P.R.China)
Nov. 20, 1997 Professor Emeritus, Central China College of Agriculture (P.R.China)
Feb. 23, 1997 The D.H.M.S. Award (Malaysia)
(The Dato Paduka Seri Setia Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Award)
Nov. 12, 1996 Professor Emeritus, Nanjing College of Education (P.R.China)
Aug. 31, 1995 Ramon Magsaysay Award (The Philippines)
Jun. 11, 1991 Honorary Citizen (Languedoc Roussillon, France)
Jul. 26, 1990 Honorary Citizen (Louisiana, the U.S.A.)
Oct. 12, 1989 Honorary Citizen (New Orleans, the U.S.A.)
Oct. 7, 1989 Honorary Citizen (California, the U.S.A.)
Dec. 1, 1988 Special Award for Creating Japan's Most Popular Phrases for 1988
Aug. 3, 1988 Honorary Citizen (Texas, the U.S.A.)
Jun. 6, 1988 National Order of Cruzeiro Do Sul (Brazil)
Jan. 14, 1986 Special Award in Economic Circles (Japan)
Nov. 25, 1983 Japan Culture and Design Award
Jul. 29, 1983 Award for the Most Outstanding Producer for 1983 (Japan)

Titles: Publishers:
Software no Hanashi
(Talks on Software)
Nihon Keizai Shimbun-sha
(available in Japanese / Chinese)
Isson Ippin no Susume
(Exhortations to the ' One Village, One Product' Movement)
Gyosei Publishing Co.
(Japanese / Chinese)
Technopolis e-no Chosen
(Challenging the Technopolis)
Nihon Keizai Shimbun-sha
(Japanese / Chinese)
Chiho Keiei no Jidai
(The Age of Managing the Decentralized Economy)
Gyosei Publishing Co.
Tokyo de Dekinai Koto wo Yatte Miyo
(Let's Do What Tokyo Can't Do)
Bungei-Shunju Press
Gurobaru ni Kangae, Rokaru ni Kodo Seyo
(Think Globally, Act Locally)
Toyo Kezai Shimpo-sha
Chiho kara no Hasso
(Ideas from a Regional Perspective)
Iwanami Shinsho Press
(Japanese/ Chinese/ Korean)
Isshin ni-shite Nisho
(Life Story, Local Foreign Diplomacy & A Collection of Talks)
Shincho-sha (Japanese)
Watashi no Chiiki Okoshi
(Local Revitalization-My Own Perspective)
NHK Shuppan (Japanese)
Nihon Gasshu-koku e-no Michi
(The Road to The 'United States of Japan')
Toyo Keizai Shimpo-sha
Watashi no Nihon Rengo Kokka Ron
(My Views on the 'United States of Japan')
Iwanami Shoten (Japanese)
Chiho kara Nihon wo Kaeru
(Collection of Talks about A Better Tomorrow for Rural Regions)
PHP (Japanese)
Netsuron' Gasshu-kokka・Nihon
(Hot Disputes over the 'United States of Japan')
PHP (Japanese)