Welcome to the COARA WWW-diary!

Welcome to COARA's WWW service.

This time, it is something like a service of Internet Martimedia Diary

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This page is 94-7-26's diary.

Summer has come, here in Oita!(Typhoon, too.) "94' Beppu JAZZ Festival", one of the popular seasonable event in Oita, will be held at August 7 (Sun) 13:00~21:00.  The location is where we can see Beppu Bay under our eyes.

This is "Jyumonji TV tower"

The shape of Mt.Takasaki pushed out Beppu Bay is nice. And we can see "Sikoku" over the Bay if it is fine. It's really good and full of nature. Beside there, some h ung-gliders and paragliders are flying across. 

Masayoshi Takanaka, Orchesta d'lalus, Naoya Matsuoka BANDA GRANDE, Rinken Band and Marine with Bit's N'PIECES will play. (Advance sale ticket: 4500yen. Specially COARA Office sell the tickets 10% off. We'll arrenge more easy way to get the ticket for COARA's lady members.)

What's COARA?

 Well,You want to know COARA?


The rules of the association


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You want to know COARA Office?

 If you want

hereyou can click. It explain with a picture.

And the most popular spot in COARA is the electoronic conferences.  You can join us with lower chalacters. telnet coara.or.jp     (  You can join us with demo ID. And also You can write down in the Test Conference with it.

Beppu Bay is wide!

Oh you want to know Beppu Bay?Click the lower picture, you can see a big map.

I want you click this picture and I want to take you around many places, but I don't have enough time to make such system. I don't know the way how to put the hot button on the map.   This service is done by MAC. So please somebody who is familiar with this kind of thing help me.   But I can show you the picture of "Harmony Land".

Here you can click.  Oh! I remember to show you the hottest spot now. the prime minister Mr Murayama's house!

 And I will show you some food produced in Oita. But I have only "kabosu" now.

  "Kabosu" is famous products in Oita. Its smell and juice are very nice. The very peel is useful. It's good for shouchu, osasimi, osuimono and so on. It makes every food more and more flavored. We don't need "Sudachi", only we need is "Kabosu". "Kabosu" is major in summer. About 120 yen or 130 yen a Kabosu. If you want, I'll send you them with charge. About 15 Kabosu in a box. It's about 2000 yen. I can act as an agent.   If you want them, get in touch with COARA Office.

The electoronic mail of COARA is, coa00001@coara.or.jp

General WWW service guide

 Many WWW services seem to be produced in the world.  We COARA will do just for fun and interest like "cafe. "This WWW is served by Macintosh. From now on , we will accept WWW data you made to open to public. So think about what you will make. Till then, Go and see other services.

WWW servers in Japan

In all of them,


is the widest server.

Click here, and you can go NTT service.

Glocom's WWW server that is united into one with Hyper Network Society

is interesting, too.

Click here, and you can go Glocom's WWW service.

Or how about originator "ncsa"? More information on URLs can be obtained from http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/Software/Mosaic/NCSAMosaicHome.html

By the way, who am I?

Bingo!? The answer is in 'cafe 2' in COARA electoronic conferences. I'm sleepy.

Hu Hu Hu.

Ho Ho Ho.

Fu Fu Fu.


Now we are studying about the possibility to write down in WWW server freely by COARA members.

Electoronic mail of COARA Office is coa00001@coara.or.jp